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Francis Bacon and the Masters

Amanda Geitner, Thierry Morel and Calvin Winner
Type: Exhibition catalogue
London: Fontanka Publications
Year: 2015
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781906257156
Format: Hardback
Thierry Morel, 'Francis Bacon and the Art of the Past', pp. 14-25
Paul Joannides, 'Bacon, Michelangelo and the Classical Tradition', pp. 26-36
Amanda Geitner, 'A Very Modern Patronage: Francis Bacon and the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection', pp. 138-147
Margarita Cappock, 'Francis Bacon's Studio', pp. 148-167
Number of artworks illustrated
28 works
'Francis Bacon and the Art of the Past (2014-15)' , Hermitage Museum , Moscow , 09 December 2014 - 08 March 2015
'Francis Bacon and the Masters' , Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts , Norwich , 18 April 2015 - 26 July 2015