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Posted on 2015-08-19 04:50:02 in PRESS
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Foundation book (Head VI) - Copyright The Estate of Francis Bacon, All rights reserved and SBM (photo of Hôtel Ré) - MB Art Collection

The first book to be published by the Foundation introduces the objectives of this institution dedicated to the life, work and methodology of Francis Bacon. This high-quality publication is being shared with many art museums and galleries around the world. This book, while not available for sale, is offered for free to each visitor attending the guided tour of the Foundation. The book throws light on the close ties that Bacon enjoyed with the Principality of Monaco, as well as the South of France and the City of Light. Two eminent art historians, Martin Harrison and Eddy Batache, enrich the book with their texts. The book closes with a comprehensive chronology of the artist’s life. The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation’s mission is to promote a deeper understanding of the work and life of Francis Bacon worldwide, with a particular focus on the time that the artist lived and worked in Monaco and Southern France. This institute aims to: support original research, sponsor emerging artists, organise exhibitions and seminars on Francis Bacon with local and international institutions, and fund projects related to the artist. Find more information via the foundation’s website: Word ref: Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco