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Francis Bacon: Studies for a Portrait: Essays and Interviews

By Michael Peppiatt
Type: Monograph
New Haven and London: Yale University Press
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780300142556
Other Publication Details:

Incl. texts of three interviews with Bacon, previously pubd in Cambridge Opinion (Jan. 1965), Art International (1987), and Art International (1989), as ‘Provoking Accidents, Prompting Chance’; and essays: ‘Francis Bacon at Work’, pp. 18–41, previously pubd Art International (Sept.–Nov. 1984); ‘An Obsession with Popes’, pp. 42–45, previously pubd as ‘Capturing the Silent Scream’, Country Life, 8 Feb. 2007, pp. 82–84; ‘Francis Bacon in the 1950s’, pp. 46–95, revised text previously pubd in exh. cat. Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, 2006; ‘The Sacred and the Profane’, pp. 96–117, earlier version previously pubd in exh. cat. Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, 2003; ‘Francis Bacon and the School of London’, pp. 118–41, earlier version pubd in exh. cat. A School of London: Six Figurative Painters, Oslo, 1987 and in exh. cat. Musée Maillol, 1999; ‘The Legacy of Genius: Van Gogh and Francis Bacon’, pp. 150– 65, previously pubd in exh. cat. Van Gogh and Expressionism, Neue Galerie, New York, 2007; ‘Mr. Bacon and Miss Beston’, pp. 166–77, previously pubd in Christie’s, London sale catalogue, Feb. 2006, re sale of Valerie Beston’s collection; ‘“All the Pulsations of a Person”: Francis Bacon’s Portraits and Self-Portraits’, pp. 178–87, earlier version previously pubd in Christie’s, London sale catalogue, 2006, which included Three Studies for a Self-Portrait (1980); ‘A Strange Fascination: The Friendship Between Michel Leiris and Francis Bacon’, pp. 198–237, previously pubd in French as L’amitié Leiris-Bacon: une étrange fascination (Paris: L’Echoppe, 2006), and repr. in German as Francis Bacon – Michel Leiris: eine Freundschaft (Bern: Piet Meyer Verlag, 2009); and ‘Bacon’s Eyes’, pp. 238– 53, previously pubd in exh. cat. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, 2003, and, in revised version, in exh. cat. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 2006.